A Poem To Begin the Lie’s End

Feb 9, 2023
A microscopic view of a round cell colored in greens, lavenders, grays, and blacks.
Photo by Fayette Reynolds M.S. from Pexels: https://www.pexels.com/photo/cell-seen-under-microscope-11198501/

You called yourself a mistake

and I felt the crushing waves

of disappointment in myself

pull me into the undertow

gagging on / stifled by / choking the engine

of my brain’s sputtering to

form words that conveyed

what a gift you are

and how the world is a lie

when it comes down the line

on how we talk about

life at the cellular level

not yet being nor creature

and certainly not human

but a scientific action

that created a reaction

that should ultimately give everyone great pause…

a zygote — fertilized egg cell — turned blastocyte — a fertilized egg cell that continues to split itself — blast itself

is something that should be given

all the consideration

not be taken lightly

nor controlled by anyone but the individual that harbors the cellular life inside them.




Librarian and Information Specialist by day. Queer writer of poetry, sensuality, personal experience, and health by night. Instagram @tolbert_on_medium #BLM✊🏿