*America is RUBAR


is caring.

A brick wall painting of hands in solidarity. Abstract nude persons clasping hands with red, blue, yellow, black, and brown.
“Solidarity Mural” by Atelier Teee is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
  • This is a call and response to my earlier piece, America, you are FUBAR: a Two-Part Prosaic Declaration. This piece is inspired by a talk that Dr. Eddie Glaude Jr. gave where he called upon poets to help lead the charge on policy and write into existence, an America we want to see. While this piece is not policy-driven, it is a future-looking piece about what I would like to see in America. Racial unity. Where no matter your shade or hue of brown skin — light, dark, or somewhere in between — we all matter and we all stand on level, equal ground.



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Librarian and Information Specialist by day. Queer writer of poetry, sensuality, personal experience, and health by night. Instagram @tolbert_on_medium #BLM✊🏿