For the Grizzled Mamas

1 min readMay 27, 2021


A Mama Bear Grizzly writhes around in the scent

of her prey making sure she is fully doused

in a cloak of approachability for her attack.

How often do Mama Humans throw their

enemies off the scent and blend in

with the crowd?

A Mama Bear Grizzly stands in the river in the

summer catching wild salmon for her cubs.

How often are Mama Humans also their

children’s primary source of care and


Mama Bears need to eat throughout the day

to consume many thousands of calories to be

healthy, to be able to support growing embryos

within them during mating season, to survive.

How often are Mama Humans criticized

for the things they ingest that will aid in their

survival, aid in taking care of their children, aid

in their health and wellness?

Us, Mama Bears and Mama Humans got to go

beyond surviving so that our cubs and kids

can be thriving.

A mother grizzly bear and her two cubs stand in the middle of the picture. She looks at a body of water while the two cubs appear to be nuzzling her sides. A fallen tree and forest are in the background.
Photo by Александр Максин from Pexels

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