Healing Yourself through Trauma and Negativity

Sunrise in the background with a pond and ducks swimming in the foreground.
  1. If you are a writer or enjoy writing, write a positive affirmation for yourself each day, each week, each month, or each year. The affirmation does not have to be something you create, but can be a quote or idea from someone else that resonates with you. Run on this affirmation for however long it suits you and if it runs its course, find a new one. The affirmation can be a belief, a goal, a memory, a piece of art, a lyric, a quote, a thought, an idea that helps you center and focus on something positive.
  2. Have a favorite book, movie, food, band, song, art, hobby, etc…? Pick one favorite and indulge. Listen, watch, read, and do. Remind yourself of what you enjoy and how it feels to enjoy moments.
  3. Have a bucket list? Maybe you have always been interested in woodworking, but never took the time to learn? Pick one thing that feels right now and dedicate yourself to doing that thing, learning that thing, and crafting it into existence, even if only for a moment. Start with a book, YouTube video, documentary, or audio that provides basic instructions and organization to dip your toes in the water of that bucket (list).
  4. Struggle with doing things for yourself or by yourself? Make a list of these things. Then, figure out what one you can start doing on your own in that moment. Maybe it’s making a meal, cleaning the house, paying a bill? Whatever it is, you will feel a sense of accomplishment and self-respect for attempting to do something for yourself. It will also help you build a habit out of trusting yourself to take care of you.



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