Extending the Life on Your Chapstick:

Healthful Uses of Tea

Do you know that tea is good for more than just drinking? It can help your skin. Read on to see how to bring tea into your skin care regimen.

A blue ceramic mug sits on a purple doily on a patio table outside with chamomile flowers lying horizontal in front.
Tea Outside Garden by Pat_Scrap

Here are two ways to use tea for beautifying, renewing, and alleviating chapped, dry, and/or itchy skin.

Exfoliant. Chapped, dry, pained lips? A brewed tea bag is a quick and painless way to exfoliate the dead skin while providing your lips with a silky texture. Take the brewed tea bag and gently rub it across your lips, pat your lips dry, and behold your newly exfoliated and smooth lips.

The average tube of chapstick sells anywhere between $2 — $3. The average teabag sells for $.03. Using a teabag to exfoliate and slough off the dead, dry, chapped, flaking skin of your lips will help your chapstick go further and be used less. You will also get the added benefit of sleek, silky lips which no lip balm or chapstick currently offers.

Itch Suppressant. Itchy skin? Tea will alleviate uncomfortable and itchy skin. Brew tea and put it in a spray bottle for spritzing dry, itchy areas of the body or use a brewed tea bag to spot treat small areas of skin.

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These uses are especially helpful in locations where the winters are cold and dry. They’re also good for pregnant individuals who are restricted in using medicines to treat skin conditions. Maybe you like natural ways to take care of yourself? Give these a try!


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