I Love the Rain

I love the rain

falling down my window pane

the slow trickles

of drops that slide down

the cooling noise

calms the brassy nerves of my body.

the feel of the rain as it

plink, plinks your forehead

the refresh of it on your hands

dancing on the balls of feet

skipping around in the small, brown ponds

you feel the wet mud ooze through your toes

as the cool puddle caresses the top of your foot.

The rain is now in sheets

your whole body drenched

you are at one with nature

and this invigoration is an uplifting.

It slowly dies off and

you return

plump drops fall from the gutters and

slide on my window,

I love the rain.

An image from the ground — pavement covered in water while it is raining. Drops are visible creating circles in the standing water and splashes as they land. A brick building with windows is in the background.
Photo by Vlad Chețan from Pexels