It’s hard not to


It’s hard when

they pretend to

not care

It’s hard when my

cheering eyes

turn into a

cold stare.

It’s hard to wonder

and even harder

to think

That we are not together

for more than a


It’s hard when your

warmth is nowhere


And even harder to find

a smile that replaces

this frown.

It’s hard to relieve the

hurt and mellow

the pain

You purposely brought me

as something

to gain.

It’s hard to love you

and not to give up

In a face of adversity, I

want to throw up.

It’s hard to have faith

in the care I believe,

It’s hard not to know

if your presence, I

will receive.

It’s hard to not need you

near me so badly

It’s hard not to know

that I love you

so madly.

It’s hard not to know

where to end my


The only thing I have known

is the lesser gain

and refrain.

A broken cookie with the word, “love” etched into it lays in crumbles with a dried up and dead rose in the foreground.
Photo by from Pexels