Like Water, I Am

Aquarius, the sun-sign,

I am.

Born to water twice —

for it is reflected

in my name — “of the sea.”

Moods like liquid,

never solid.

Wavy one moment,

still the next.

I can go from salty

to pure and

88º to 28º.

In tune with life,

and the happenings.

I can relinquish and

refresh or

crush and destroy.

I am stream and ocean,

rainstorm and hurricane.

I can lift you

up to surf

or flood

the heart with emotion.

Like water,

I am at worst

when polluted,

and at best

when surrounded

by purities:

truth, love, selflessness — LIFE!

An individual walks with two pots atop their head around a rocky bend on a dirt path. One of the pots is an aquamarine color similar to the top they are wearing.
“water bearer” by aloshbennett is licensed under CC BY 2.0