Mothers and Daughters Facing the Elements

*Fire and Air

First in Fire Series

Long ago, it was written as a cautionary tale

to Mothers of Fire and Daughters of Air

to heed the elements of their celestial signs

for Mothers of Fire to raise their Daughters of Air

was to join passion and creativity.

For Mothers of Fire are prone to impulsivity, drive,

and reckoning with a propulsion to keep moving,

while Daughters of Air are also prone to impulsivity, but

can change direction and/or stop moving altogether and be still.

Mothers of Fire need to learn the art of stillness and pause from

their Daughters of Air,

for the world keeps moving even when we do not and we

sometimes miss the importance of sitting back and observing.

Daughters of Air need to learn how to harness energy,

be a force for progress, and making an impact

from their Mothers of Fire.

Often times with this pair, the Daughter of Air plays hype-person

to the Mother of Fire, fanning them with flames of positive radiance,

and sometimes getting burnt out and up in the process.

Equally combined the two can be a catalyst for fresh starts

and robust progress.

Photo by Plato Terentev from Pexels

*Zodiac Signs and Elements Key

Fire signs = Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Air signs = Aquarius, Gemini, Libra



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