Ode to the Aquababes

Written for Amy, the Aquarius

Sisters by truth with our heads

bouncing ‘round in a


Just like our thoughts that


and get loud;

Everyone be clownin’ like

they gonna

put us in a shroud;

But when we get together

e’erbody want to

be a part of our crowd.


Not too many of ‘em

knows how to hang;

Bein’ all nasty, showin’

dem true colors

when it comes to da bang;

Makes us all crazy

and get up to sang;

‘Bout dem impish boys

tryin’ to sport their



And the girls they be no better;

Bein’ jealous & trippin’ —

homeboy like why you

sweat her?

And dat bitch be like

oh Imma gon get her;

And we iz all like —

Go ‘wan let her!


All this time, these

last five years;

We be laughin’ so hard,

gone through shit

it all bring us to tears;

Sharin’ da shit:

all of the highs, lows,

joys and fears;

lettin’ it spill outta

our mouths and

fill each other’s ears.


So raise a glass;

And be yo’self (a lil crass);

But with refinement & class:

We’ll tell’em to kiss our motherfuckin’ ass!


Written 1/8/2015.

Two females sit on a rock wall facing a mountain and lake.
Photo by Roberto Nickson from Pexels

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