Prosper Free From Terror

I was on the playground the other day,

when news was breaking about a young Black man a cop did slay.

I was watching three Black kids under the age of ten

having fun, horsing around, all cares left to abandon.

Their joy and delight was infectious and shared

and felt like hope, if we dared.

I hope these kids make it to old age

and on their way there they help us turn the page;

on the fear and terror that white police officers have bolstered

and showing law enforcement it’s time for their hate to be holstered.

Let’s fight the beast of white supremacy, bring it down to its knees

burn it up, hold vigil, bless America’s soil with racial peace.

I want these kids to live and their kin to thrive

to prosper free from terror and have the space to strive.

In the center is a slide and playground, an Asian child is sliding down with their arms in the air as another child waits their turn to come down the slide. In the background, children play on swings, stand, and surround the playground equipment.
Photo by Quang Nguyen Vinh from Pexels

Video slideshow on @tolbert_on_medium Instagram and visual representation