Rainbow Bathe

Varied sizes of circles or bubbles in oil span the picture with stripes of rainbow colors and light.
Photo by Rebecca Diack from Pexels

I watched a TikTok video where one girlfriend was prepping their apartment for the girlfriend set to arrive home. They were creating a Pride celebration two years after the girlfriend set to arrive home’s coming out. It was epic for this couple and their tiny apartment. A crafty and decorative balloon Pride striped wall flag over there. Fruit shiskabobs, cupcakes, and all things sweet in rainbow colors on the island over here. Streamers, confetti cannon, and more to announce their girlfriend’s arrival.

Then, girlfriend set to arrive home opened the door. She was immediately flabbergasted, overcome with shock, and crying tears of joy. She was welcomed into her coming out celebration with open arms and love. Then, the video ends.

Later on I realized this was a Rainbow Bathe — not to be confused with rainbow-washing where businesses that have nothing to do with the LGBTQIA community become awash in rainbows and rainbow merchandise for one to two months every year but a celebration of LGBTQIA joy. The celebration was soaked and marinated in rainbow love — acceptance, inclusion, belonging, and acknowledgment of the individual’s self. Something they had not gotten from their biological family in their coming out.

Now, they were being given this magical moment. Filled with joy, sprays and pops of color signifying celebration, love, and coming home.



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