She crosses her legs

and pulls up her long hair

covers the unsightly

with makeup or repression

She never talks back

and always speaks

when spoken to

She acknowledges and simplifies

all that she hears and speaks

At dinner and in service,

she is polite and kind

always asking Please…

and saying Thank You…

and replying You’re Welcome

If asked that she need this or that

she says either Yes, please…or

No Thank You…

No elbows on the table, only forearm

pick up glasses to drink and

don’t clang silverware when eating

Make bites small, dab/not smear with

a napkin

sip/don’t slurp drink-never

chew up ice cubes

Fork on the left, knife on the right;

sharp edge to plate, spoon next door

cut your meats — never use fingers

use hands only for bread

or touching the bone

She never discloses personal

information and is

never in open discussion

She knows of no dirty jokes

and may only giver her

date a peck on the cheek

She must be


She is innocent

and sheltered

knows nothing of vulgar

She does not entertain

or suggest

She wears dresses

and attends church

she doesn’t move out

until married

She is mundane,

uncharacteristic, unrealistic,

and repressed.

I am not her


and I could never.

A lady from the Victorian era in black and white photo. We see her left profile. She is seated. Hair is up in bun/chignon with pearl earring visible in left ear. Right hand is holding a small teacup in the air with the forearm barely touching table. Left hand is laying in her lap. She is wearing a dress with buttons at the cuffs covering wrists; with buttons, collar, and tie going up the neck and covering it. The only part of her exposed is head and hands.
Photo by Suzy Hazelwood from Pexels