You Chose Me

a prose poem

Jan 4, 2022
Five hands come together with the index and middle finger of each hand in a peace sign and connected at the tips to form a star.
Photo by Mikael Blomkvist from Pexels

He asked,

Why can’t you tell others the things you tell me?

Then, he said,

Just picture my face on theirs when you need to speak up. There. Problem solved.

And my reply, the answer to his question, had I the words in that moment, could have been

Because you chose me and continue to choose me. Every second of every day, you make the choice to subject yourself to my love, to my mess, to my humanity. No one else does. No one else sees me like you do and un-seizes me like you have.

And in my quiet, I felt our stars scintillate and burn.

As if they were the only two stars out and together they would continue to shine brilliantly.


Librarian and Information Specialist by day. Queer writer of poetry, sensuality, personal experience, and health by night. Instagram @tolbert_on_medium #BLM✊🏿